The Masquerade Killer

The Masquerade Killer

The Masquerade Killer is a mystery, historical romance, otome game, set in the Victorian era. Join Elvira on her mission to solve a murder while attempting to blend into the upper-class society of London! Whether Elvira succeeds in her task or in her pursuit of love will depend on you.


As a member of an underground organization that specializes in dirty work for whoever can afford it, Elvira has long been used to having to fulfill all sorts of odd tasks. When a request comes in specifying her as the one to carry out the job, Elvira has no choice but to agree.

Just like that, she’s drawn into a murder mystery of the late daughter of a Marquess — who just happens to look extremely like her, and whom Elvira will have to pretend to be until she manages to lure out the killer or unravel the truth of the lady’s death.

Along the way, maybe Elvira will discover more than she had expected to — about her past, her uncertain future, the murder victim who shares a similar appearance, and the organization she has been a part of since she was a child.


  • Four love interests, each route with a different storyline
  • Two male love interests
  • One female love interest
  • One non-binary love interest
  • Approximately 290k words in total (~75k per route)
  • 16 endings (4 per route)
  • * Your choices will matter!
  • 22 sprites
  • 48 CGs (12 per route)
  • 30 custom backgrounds
  • A full original soundtrack (~20 tracks)



GxB, GxG, GxNB, Historical, Mystery, Otome
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