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Ever since Aliya joined Airis’ Vassals as a warrior, she has been devoted to her cause of protecting her country from the creatures that, having lost their senses due to a strange plague, started attacking the cities years ago. Constantly training in dungeons and working to improve herself, she believes she can become one of the best warriors in the kingdom. Unfortunately, there is just one little problem — lately, Aliya has been suffering from blackouts, waking up in different locations with no memory of what happened. Fearful of what this means and what may be happening to her, Aliya is determined to get to the bottom of her strange condition. During her search for a cure for her affliction, she might just discover more than she expected — about her friends, her beloved country and the plague that threw the country into chaos in the first place.


  • Three love interests, each with a different storyline
  • One male love interest (Kylan)
  • One female love interest (Everea)
  • One non-binary love interest (Lyall)
  • Approximately 80,000+ words
  • 9 endings + 2 hidden endings
  • Meaningful choices that change the story/determine your ending
  • 6 sprites
  • 6 CGs
  • 5 custom backgrounds
  • Some original music tracks



Comedy, Fantasy, GxB, GxG, GxNB, Mystery, Otome, Romance, Science Fiction
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