The Masquerade Killer – Demo Release!

Hello everyone! As of June 10, 2017, the demo for The Masquerade Killer has been released! The demo has a total of 21.5k words, covering almost the entirety of the common route. It includes sprites for 5 main characters and 6 side characters, 4 CGs, 9 choices and much more! While the demo assets are […]

AIRIS (NaNoRenO 2017) Released!

We’re happy to announce that after 35 days of grueling work, AIRIS, our NaNoRenO otome, is now released!   You can download it here: Mediafire Mirror   Please support us on Steam Greenlight!

AIRIS – NaNoRenO 2017

Hello everyone! As mentioned, we will be joining NaNoRenO this year with a few of our friends to make another otome. It’s called AIRIS, a game where science fiction meets fantasy, along with elements of mystery and comedy. The main character will be an adventuring warrior called Aliya, and you’ll have to opportunity to romance […]

Red String of Fate released on Steam

Hello, everyone! Apologies for the delay, but Iā€™m happy to announce that Red String of Fate is now on Steam! šŸ˜€ You can go to the store page <here>. Of course, the game remains free on Steam, so if you enjoyed Red String of Fate before, why not give it another whirl on Steam for […]

Red String of Fate – Full Release

Hello everyone! šŸ˜€ After months of hard work, our first otome under Ebullience Games is now released! Grab Red String of Fate from any one of the links below: (Windows, Mac, Linux) Mirror: Windows | Mac | Linux Please do let us know what you think if you have the time! <3 We’d love […]